Go beyond digital certificates with next-gen continuous authentication and enforce a strong DevOps discipline in your organization:

  • Never attach or modify your software assets when notarizing them
  • Allow multiple signatures and signers per single asset, with knowledge of who signed it when and what the asset status is
  • Enable real trust, by recalling asset singularly (not possible with a digital certificate, used to sign up to dozens of assets)
  • Support single asset’s revocation, untrust and unsupport

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    Notarize your source code, libraries, builds, and containers onto the blockchain in one simple step and immutably attach your identity, reputation, and trust to them, independently or as an organization.

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    Automate and continuously authenticate the integrity of your DevOps environment.

    Enable anyone, anywhere, at any time to verify the authenticity of your solutions simply and for free.


Why your team needs CodeNotary?


For developers:

  • Tagging of source code, build, and containers with version number, owner, timestamp, organization, trust level, etc.
  • Simple and tamper-proof extraction of  version number, owner, timestamp, organization, and trust level from any source code, build and container
  • Quickly discover and identify untrusted, revoked or obsolete libraries, builds, and containers in your application
  • Detect the launch of unauthorized or unknown containers and virtual machines immediately
  • Stop or suspend running outdated or untrusted containers or virtual machines

For auditors:

  • Tamper-proof logs
  • Tamper-proof audit trails from source to production
  • Instantly find out which code was written by whom and where it runs
  • Instant notification of attempts to circumvent rules and best-practices
  • ad-hoc reports by developer, by library, by build, and by deployment

For the CIOs:

  • Enforce internal rules and best practices in your DevOps process
  • Tamper-proof audit trail of your software supply-chain
  • Faster remediation from untrusted code and developers
  • Gain visibility of what code written by whom, run where and when
  • Remove chaos and ambiguity from your DevOps environment

Analyze and manage your notarized assets from one dashboard

Gain insights into your DevOps environment. Which container is run on which server by which build

CodeNotary Dashboard Main Page

Get the complete list of all your notarized assets and drill down into their details

CodeNotary Dashboard - My Assets


Manage your profile and add more information about yourself to increase your trust level

CodeNotary Dashboard - My Profile

Allow users to authenticate assets notarized by your organization and its members

CodeNotary Dashboard - My Organization