CodeNotary is how integrity in DevOps gets done.

Go beyond digital certificates with next-generation enabled continuous verification and enforce a strong DevOps discipline in your organization.

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    1) Sign

    Sign your source code, libraries, builds, and containers in one simple step and have your signatures immutably stored using distributed ledger technology.

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    2) Verify

    Automate and continuously verify the integrity of your DevOps environment.

    Enable your customers to verify the authenticity of your solutions.

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    3) Benefit

    Easily manage, monitor, and, when needed, revoke any of your digital assets, whether it’s 10 or 10,000.

    Increase trust in your solutions, lower support costs, and have more overview of your DevOps environment.

Signing and Verifying code in a Kubernetes environment has never been so easy

CodeNotary for Kubernetes_190708

Analyze and manage your signed software from one dashboard

Get highlights with the dashboard of how your software distributions are performing

See your software status, it’s history, whether someone else has signed the same binaries, and which software gets verified the most.

Check how your software distributions are performing against your competitors.

Get the complete list of all your signed assets and drill down into their details

See the total # of assets you have signed, how many times they have been verified, and the number of asset signatures you’ve revoked.

See an itemized list of all your software assets signed with CodeNotary.

Check your signature history, update a signature or simply revoke it due to bugs, obsolescence, or depreciation.

Manage your signing keys

Add your signing key directly in the dashboard.

See the list of your signing keys as well as which software was signed by which key.

Manage your profile and add more information about yourself to increase your trust level

Update your profile information and manage your credentials.

Add your GitHub, GitLab, Stack Overflow, or LinkedIn account to prove it’s you.

Asset Details

When did I sign the software? What’s its trust level? Has it been used?

Asset Statistics

How many times was your software verified, when and by whom? Did anyone else try to sign the same asset?

Asset Actions

Can I recall my asset? Can I mark it as obsolete software? Can I push an update to all my customers?


Whether you are a software developer or an enterprise, we have a license that matches your needs. And if you are a publisher of open source, non-commercial software, your account is free.



  • Up to 5 users
  • Up to 200 signatures per month
  • Up to 10 revocations per month
  • Data insights for all non commercial software

Developer Edition


  • Single user account
  • Up to 10 signatures per month
  • Up to 2 revocations per month
  • Data insights for up to 5 assets analyzed

Enterprise Edition

by volume

  • Multi-user account
  • Manage thousands of code signings
  • Manage thousands of revocations
  • Manage and analyze all your assets in one place