PowerShell File Trust without digital certificates

CodeNotary allows to trust, untrust or unsupport any file, script or document on your system. Digital certificates only help with scripts and need to travel with the file itself. In real world scenarios your workflow consists of much more than the script, you typically have configuration files as well or other documents to use. That […]

CodeNotary Product Update – October 2019

CodeNotary Product Update We’re absolutely thrilled to announce our new release of CodeNotary that went online today. The update includes a ton of smaller and larger changes and improvements of the look and feel. It’s much better structured, on-boarding is even easier as before and you can use all features for free. We worked very […]

Securing your Azure DevOps Ecosystem – Part 2

Securing your Azure DevOps Ecosystem, Jenkins and Kubernetes (AKS) – Part 2 The first part of the series about securing your Azure DevOps ecosystem covered Jenkins and the integration of CodeNotary into your Jenkins pipeline. That way you an easily notarize everything that gets produced in your very own pipeline. If you want to double […]

The Value of Timestamping Documents Through a Blockchain-based Notary

    Since over 4 millennia ago, the recording of events and maintaining chronology has played a key part in the evolution of systems and society. Chronological records allow for informed, constructive, and orderly understanding. Today in the digital realm we use timestamps to maintain chronological order. In this blog, we discuss the importance of […]

What are Digital Signatures and How do They Work?

    In cyberspace, where vast amounts of information are flying around at the speed of light and where authors can publish seemingly authoritative content completely anonymously, integrity becomes a strongly sought after commodity. Knowing what you received is authentic, untampered, and from a trusted party is imperative to making informed decisions. To answer these […]

Using Blockchain to Protect Against Wire Fraud Scams

    2018 witnessed a near doubling of the amount of money lost to cybercriminals at an alarming $2.7 billion according to the latest FBI Internet Crime Report. The figure takes into account various types of internet fraud, including those that utilize irreversible wire transfers, which attackers love. In our previous blog in the series […]