The Cumbersome Nature of GPG vs an Easy to Use Blockchain Alternative

    In a side by side comparison of the commands that need to be entered in order to sign/notarize, […]

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GPG Certificates Maybe Permanently Poisoned but Blockchain Offers a Strong Alternative

  GPG has been running with a well-known security flaw for a decade, never got around to fixing the problem, […]

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What are Digital Signatures and How do They Work?

    In cyberspace, where vast amounts of information are flying around at the speed of light and where authors […]

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Using Blockchain to Protect Against Wire Fraud Scams

    2018 witnessed a near doubling of the amount of money lost to cybercriminals at an alarming $2.7 billion […]

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Protecting Against $120mm Invoice Scam Loss Using Blockchain

    $120 million, that was the price tag for Google and Facebook. Over the last few years, a hacker […]

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Protect Yourself with Blockchain from Canonical-like GitHub Attacks

    On Saturday, July 6, 2019, the GitHub account of a Linux Ubuntu distributor, Canonical Ltd, was hacked. Canonical […]

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CodeNotary Product Update – July 2019

    It’s finally time for a new CodeNotary product update again. The update includes organizational management and signing features, […]

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Guarantee Trust of Your Company’s Deployed DevOps Assets with Blockchain

    In DevOps, where teams can constantly be rearranged and sorted for different purposes, the ability to form groups […]

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Bulletproof Your JavaScript App Integrity for Free with Blockchain – Integration Available on NPM

      In 2019, JavaScript remains one of the top languages used on GitHub. It has the most contributors […]

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Integrating Blockchain-based Code Signing into Your Application Using Golang

    Intro Knowing if your digital assets are safe to use will help you avoid complications from compromised or […]

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