The Value of Timestamping Documents Through a Blockchain-based Notary

    Since over 4 millennia ago, the recording of events and maintaining chronology has played a key part in the evolution of systems and society. Chronological records allow for informed, constructive, and orderly understanding. Today in the digital realm we use timestamps to maintain chronological order. In this blog, we discuss the importance of […]

What are Digital Signatures and How do They Work?

    In cyberspace, where vast amounts of information are flying around at the speed of light and where authors can publish seemingly authoritative content completely anonymously, integrity becomes a strongly sought after commodity. Knowing what you received is authentic, untampered, and from a trusted party is imperative to making informed decisions. To answer these […]

Using Blockchain to Protect Against Wire Fraud Scams

    2018 witnessed a near doubling of the amount of money lost to cybercriminals at an alarming $2.7 billion according to the latest FBI Internet Crime Report. The figure takes into account various types of internet fraud, including those that utilize irreversible wire transfers, which attackers love. In our previous blog in the series […]

Protecting Against $120mm Invoice Scam Loss Using Blockchain

    $120 million, that was the price tag for Google and Facebook. Over the last few years, a hacker named Evaldas Rimasauskas scammed the two corporate giants out of significant amount of cash with an attack known as business email compromise aka invoice fraud. Rimasauskas has since been caught and was recently sentenced for […]

Guarantee Trust of Your Company’s Deployed DevOps Assets with Blockchain

    In DevOps, where teams can constantly be rearranged and sorted for different purposes, the ability to form groups or change their member status is important. Up until recently, CodeNotary strictly offered the easy visualization and verification of containers and all other existing code/digital assets signed by an individual. Now, enterprises can guarantee the […]