CodeNotary Community

CodeNotary Community edition is the free of charge digital asset notarization service provided by vChain, Inc. When signing up at you automatically start using the Community edition.

The Community edition, is based on fair-use regarding the daily number of notarizations and the concurrency is limited to 1. Furthermore, you cannot create Organizations or be part of an Organization.

If you want to use CodeNotary commercially please contact us for more information about the Enterprise edition

More information about CodeNotary and how to use it:


Integrate CodeNotary into your CI/CD tools

By integrating CodeNotary into your CI/CD pipelines and recipes, you can gain a tamperproof, auditable ledger of your build and deployment process.

  • notarize every source code commit 
  • notarize the CI/CD recipe itself
  • authenticate the CI/CD recipe before running
  • authenticate the source code before building
  • vulnerability scanner notarize every result with the identity of the digital asset
  • audit and compliance services notarize every result with the identity of the digital asset

The result is a traceable and complete history of your digital assets, that is immutably stored and verifiable from every service and every device.