CodeNotary Enterprise - DevOps

CodeNotary Enterprise is the leading digital asset notarization service provided by vChain, Inc. 

No matter if your Development teams, CI/CD and Release manager, DevOps Project manager or Auditor requires an independent, high throughput, blockchain-based notarization service for your critical or all digital objects – CodeNotary Enterprise is made for you. 

The threat is real!


Traceability and visibility needs to be maintained no matter how agile and fast the development and release cycles are. 

You need:

  • Tamperproof recording of who did what, when, where throughout DevOps cycle
  • Inhibit unsanctioned workloads
  • Indelible audit trail of all changes
  • Simple integration with any artifact handling system – GitHub, GitLab, SAP, Office 365 etc.
  • Without using cumbersome digital certificates

Notarization is the process of adding a transaction to the globally distributed consortium blockchain that includes your or your organization identity, the digital asset unique identity (SHA-256 checksum) and the trust level you choose (trusted, untrusted, unsupported).

Compared to the Community edition, the Enterprise edition is not fair-use limited. You can notarize thousands of digital assets a day, create individual identities for your whole organization, and you have access to our embedded solutions (usable in any website).

Trusted DevOps

Transparent, Simple, Secure

Integrate CodeNotary into your CI/CD tools

By integrating CodeNotary into your CI/CD pipelines and recipes, you can gain a tamperproof, auditable ledger of your build and deployment process.

  • notarize every source code commit 
  • notarize the CI/CD recipe itself
  • authenticate the CI/CD recipe before running
  • authenticate the source code before building
  • vulnerability scanner notarize every result with the identity of the digital asset
  • audit and compliance services notarize every result with the identity of the digital asset

The result is a traceable and complete history of your digital assets, that is immutably stored and verifiable from every service and every device.


Monitor and alert with your common DevOps toolset

  • DevOps manager view for Docker and/or Kubernetes
  • Immediate track of trusted and untrusted systems
  • Alert whenever an unauthorized new workload is deployed

Securing DevOps and tracing what runs where and how it was build was never easier!

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