CodeNotary Product Update – July 2019

    It’s finally time for a new CodeNotary product update again. The update includes organizational management and signing features, […]

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$410m Microservices Security Market Validation and the CICD Pipeline

    Much like the industrial revolution witnessed massive production acceleration with the advent of the assembly line, so too […]

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Zombie Infestation, Software Developer Tools, & the MS Visual Studio Attack

    In what can be seen as an ironic twist of fate, digital security firms Kaspersky and ESET reported […]

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How CodeNotary Can Protect You From Using Compromised Container Images

  The above video to use CodeNotary to sign a Docker container image. Be sure to note how the video […]

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Security? With What Time? My Continuous Integration Backlog is Overflowing

    There are numerous security measures a developer can perform but nearly half (48%) of all developers say they […]

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Free Continuous Integrity Verification of your Docker Containers

    In our last blog (here), we showed how to sign and verify your build code. With an established […]

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Can GPG Secure the Software Industry?

    Code signing is important for proving the integrity and authenticity of software but can GPG secure the Software […]

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