Securing your Azure DevOps Ecosystem – Part 2

Securing your Azure DevOps Ecosystem, Jenkins and Kubernetes (AKS) – Part 2 The first part of the series about securing […]

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Code Signing Certificates’ Journey of Pain #3: When Even Signing Isn’t Enough

This is the third blog of the series and hopefully the last one as I am confident to have gone […]

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Jenkins Build Deployment Pipeline: A How To for Ensuring Integrity

    In this blog, we will briefly touch on the importance of DevOps having strong security, current hole in […]

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The Failure of the Certificate Revocation List (CRL)

SHAttered: Cracks in Certificate Revocation List Protocols and How to Move Beyond Their Limitations Overview When cybercriminals mask themselves in […]

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Can a Chrome Extension Protect Me from Malware Better Than Google and Digital Certificates Do?

  Today, when you look for a well-known application on Google, you are more than likely to find dozens of […]

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Opvizor using CodeNotary integrity for Snapwatcher latest release

Just last week Opvizor released the latest version of Snapwatcher. Instead of signing it with a digital certificate, Opvizor decided to […]

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The Distributed Ledger Technology at the Center of the Code Signing Disruption

Ever since the software industry witnessed the introduction of code signing, software users have learned to rely on digital certificates […]

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Stop paying for code signing certificates again with CodeNotary

Quite a bold statement you might wonder. But that is our goal for all non-commercial projects. The whole certificate authority […]

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Developers unite against the expensive and cumbersome code signing certificates!

We could write this blog post in my favorite Windows text editor, Notepad++.  And I bet millions of other users […]

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The Code Signing Certificates’ Journey of Pain: The Saga Continues

Incredibly, after nearly 3 weeks of back and forth, we finally find a way to get the certificate approval process […]

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