What Docker Notary Doesn’t Do

    If you pull from say Docker Hub, modify an image and then upload the new image to a different hosting service, say your company’s personal, non-Docker affiliated repo, how will you know if the original image was authentically safe and verifiably untampered? In the DevOps process, various teams (dev, test, stage, prod) or […]

Before Running a Docker Container Image, Know What’s in the Box

    Modern DevOps environments have brought significant increases in time to market for applications. However, with this gain in efficiency and productivity we have lost oversight as well as a deep understanding of what exactly is running in our production environments. As clean code producing, security minded devs and managers alike, we have to […]

What is Docker and How Does It Work?

    In March 2013, Docker was released as open source software and made its debut to the public. Originally, Docker was built as a project within a company called dotCloud whose name later officially became Docker. With its unique architecture, Docker has helped reshape the software industry. Below is a quick guide to what […]