Before Running a Docker Container Image, Know What’s in the Box

    Modern DevOps environments have brought significant increases in time to market for applications. However, with this gain in efficiency and productivity we have lost oversight as well as a deep understanding of what exactly is running in our production environments. As clean code producing, security minded devs and managers alike, we have to […]

$410m Microservices Security Market Validation and the CICD Pipeline

    Much like the industrial revolution witnessed massive production acceleration with the advent of the assembly line, so too has the onset of continuous integration and continuous delivery been bolstered by the arrival of microservices. These services exist at the core of the CICD pipeline and recently the microservices security market has received a […]

Verify the Integrity of a Docker Image for Free with CodeNotary

With CodeNotary you can finally verify that your Docker images are safe, untampered, and authentic. Thanks to blockchain technology and smart contracts, CodeNotary allows you to immutably sign your images so that you can always verify their integrity easily, instantly and for free.  If you haven’t registered on yet, please do so at […]

Protect Yourself from the Recent Attack

Last week’s attack affects hundreds of thousands of accounts and exposes their containers to malicious code. We at CodeNotary publish open source software too and wanted to make sure our containers were unaffected.  Here’s how we did it: Verify Container Authenticity and Integrity Create a free CodeNotary account Sign the local copy of your Docker […]